Giving back to the roots

They say “Charity begins at home”, Dr. Vanoo hailing from Konkan wants to improve the lifestyle and economy of Konkan region and making it a base will expand his horizon to the other parts of India. Dr. Vanoo sees a lot of potential in Konkan region in terms of tourism. He is working to develop Konkan as a tourist destination. He wants people of Konkan to take maximum benefits of the Government policies and schemes. For this Hind Foundation is acting as a bridge between public and government.


Bridging the Gap

People of Konkan region share a common desirability towards moving out of the country and settling abroad in search of better opportunities. Rather than focusing on their education, they are keen on searching for prospects which may lead them to abroad. Dr. Vanoo has a distinct way of curbing brain-drain and hiring human resources.

He organizes camps, sports events to attract youth where he motivates them to complete their study or offers jobs to people who are educated/ skilled in his best personal capacity. He has employed over 2300 youth for his businesses spread across India. He employs people following all the compliances and regulations. All his employees enjoy the benefits if ESIC, PF etc.

He has also employed hundreds of Indians in Qatar, assisted people in finding jobs at other companies through his reference. In collaboration with Rehmat Foundation he keeps on organizing Medical camps and other health/ safety drives. 

Serving Humanity Selflessly

NGOs also connects with Dr. Vanoo whenever in need, knowing that he always says “YES” to a genuine need.

Dr. Vanoo has organised multiple cleanliness campaigns involving childrens and youth, on the principle “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. On 2nd of October he led a team of volunteers for Mumbai beach cleanliness drive.
Making it a huge success. He has been involed in Road Safety Campaigns where he motivates people to drive safe and use all precautions and safety measures while driving.
Dr. Vanoo has been involved in all the aspects of improvement of quality of life for underserved population.


Extended Support

He also extends his empathy to our neighboring country Nepal. He supports people from Nepali origin in Qatar, organizes Volleyball matches and events to make them feel comfortable.
He has also made donations and financial support to different organizations and NGOs in Nepal.

Ex- Army & police welfare forum approached him through the Nepali community in Qatar for funds to purchase an ambulance and he obliged. In return to his favour they issued a certificate, searched & found his Mumbai’s residence address and got it delivered.  

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